The heat storage tank SINUS

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The heat storage tank from SINOI

The tank

  • cubical, unpressurised storage tank
  • components delivered as construction kit, on-site assembly
  • optional inspection opening
  • sandwich structure: two surface layers of composite with an insulation core that can be varied
  • insulation: exchangeable insulation core dependent on usage (daily/weekly/long term storage) ensures equivalent to an A+ energy rating for the heat storage tank to be realized
  • besides the usage of composite materials, only non-corrosive components are installed. When operated properly, the service life of the tank is guaranteed for at least 30 years.    

Charging/discharging unit

  • customised heat exchanger system can be placed inside or outside the tank
  • stratified solar charging module
  • project-related dimensions and location
  • upgrade possible

Object of storage
Potable water, maximum temperature 95 °C
All the components are mounted within the tank, so that no additional space beyond the size of the tank is required. Following professional training an installer is then authorised to assemble these tanks.

Standard sizes

SINUS volume
[ca. m³]
SINUS 2500 2,5 1,76 1,40 1,90
SINUS 3000 3,0 2,10 1,40 1,90
SINUS 4000 4,0 2,60 1,40 1,90
SINUS 5000 5,0 3,20 1,40 1,90