Photovoltaics heating-/cooling system

Photovoltaic-electricity will be heat.
Self-consumption instead of feed in.

The self-consumption of the solar plant generated electricity becomes more important in background of declining feed-in tariffs.

Basically the self-consumption can be increased by an intelligent power consumption: specifically during the day and very sunny times.

Because the production of renewable  energy does not depend on the weather, the time of the day or  the  demand so can the energy revolution accomplished only with equally intelligent storage technology.

Photovoltaics heating-/cooling system

From 1 to 4

  • Up to four times more effective than an electric heating element
  • From one kWh of electricity can be four kWh heat

Efficient Photovoltaic heating-/cooling systems allow 100% self-consumption.
SINOI provides in cooperation with EBITSCHenergietechnik GmbH and ed energie.depot GmbH an intelligent and very efficient solution of self-consumption of photovoltaic-electricity. The focus is on the production of heat for heating and domestic hot water heating and even for cooling/air conditioning so that from spring to late autumn  100% can be realized on the own PV modules. The conventional boiler can be completely switched off at this time. Thereby  it is clearly relieved and fuel and your wallet are protected.

The principle

  • The system can be controlled by the inverters. Heat is generated when PV-electricity is available.
  • This increases the PV-electricity-self-consumption. The electricity surplus produce by the PV-system must not longer be feed in the power grid.
  • The heat is stored intelligently – in the “Wärme-Hamster”. Efficient energy storage represent the key for the success of the energy revolution. The warmed water is stratified, stored and provided for consumption  in the “Wärme-Hamster”.

The PV heating-/cooling system: System components in detail

A. Energy centre

  • PV-Energymanager
  • Heat pump with

    • Heating performance 1 to 8 KW – COP 4
    • Cooling performance  2,5 to 5 KW

B. Composite-heat storage: The “Wärme Hamster” from 1 to 20m³

  • Pressure less tanks with isolating station stratified load module, high performance heat exchanger module
  • Big and fits through every door
  • Simple installation on site
  • Dimension upon need and place
  • High efficient energy label C – A
  • Stainless
  • Durable

What are the crucial features of a heat storage?
Composite-heat storage from SINOI ...

… sufficient size.


… fit through doors.


… have excellent stratification properties.

… are highly efficient by using composite.


… safely operates over long time.