Technology transfer

Our training centre for fibre-reinforced composite technology runs training and qualification programmes for industrial employees with little experience in fibre-reinforced composites, and offers the relevant apprenticeships and seminars to future key-employess and management staff. The concept was designed for in-house human resources development needs and has successfully been implemented. Employees from different regions all over the world have already been qualified.
On this basis we also successfully provide Technology Transfers to new production facilities. Beginning in our training centre and continued by the production of rotor blades, theoretical and practical education forms the key element for successful Technology Transfers. Together with our professional staff production is started at the location of destination:

The advantages for our customers are being recognised quickly:

  • factory layout errors will be avoided
  • transfer of education concepts and their dissemination to the place of destination
  • high quality moulds reduce costs per unit and trigger economies of scale
  • initial losses are reduced
  • quick product launch and market entry at low risk
  • quality from the beginning