In 2014 CNBM had assets totaling around 40 billion USD and 200,000 employees.
The heat storage tank. Energy on demand.
The state-of-the-art manufacturing-know-how and extensive quality assurance make SINOI the ideal producer of rotor sheets.
SINOI realises your individual projects of composite materials starting from the construction up to the production for a wide range of applications.
Do you want to work in an ambitious and international company? We are looking for qualified and motivated employees!

Heat storage tank

SINUS - the heat storage tank from SINOI. Delivered as a construction kit, the components of the cubical-shaped tank are transported and assembled on-site. Each segment consists of a high-quality insulation core and both-sided fiber reinforced top layers.

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Rotor blades

The rotor blade is particularly significant, as it is the “motor” that generates the energy output and thus determines the commercial profitability of wind power farms. The aerodynamic shape, high specifications and robustness of this, the most crucial component of any wind farm, requires special materials and production processes.

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Composite products

Our core competence lies in the serial production of composite components. This results in individual components or in complex systems of fiber-reinforced composites. We manufacture with fiberglass and / or carbon fiber materials in combination with polyester- or epoxy resin systems. We also have experience in the production of semi-finished products and cuttings.

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