China Composites Group Corporation LTD (CCGC)

Since 1998 China Composites Group Co. Ltd (CCGC) as a holding company within the CNBM group has been focusing on companies operating in the high-tech composite market. CCGC´s core competencies comprise: 

Rotor blades
CCGC rotor blades
New-type plastic floorings
CCGC new-type plastic floorings
Aluminum Conductor Composite Core (ACCC)
CCGC Aluminum Conductor Composite Core (ACCC)
Woven glass fabrics
CCGC woven glass fabrics
Water treatment
CCGC water treatment
Production of carbon fibres
CCGC production of carbon fibres
High-pressure cylinders (CNG)
CCGC high-pressure cylinders (CNG)
FRP pipes and tanks
CCGC FRP pipes and tanks
Composite ships and boats
CCGC composite ships and boats

Composites Expo.

Composites Expo.

CCGC is the organizor of the Composites Expo which is the leading International Specialized Exhibition for Composites in the Eastern-Pacific.